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Best Camera Drone in 2022

In 2022 there are so many options to choose from for consumer camera drones. The dominant company creating these drones, DJI has been making leaps and bounds in advancing their technology offered at a consumer level cinematography and photography drones. It is amazing the level of quality that can be achieved in photos and videos with the current lineup offered by DJI.

We are here to help you decide which drone is most deserving of your hard earned money, so you can make an informed decision. You need to know which drone is for you, given the selection available, with the current range of capability and price.


Best Budget Drone

DJI Mini 3 Pro

This isn't the cheapest drone on the list, however the price relative to the features this drone offers will surely get your attention. This drone was released in May 2022, and is compliant with most regions as a micro drone, being sub 250g, making it easy to enter the hobby without licensing requirements. Don't let the weight fool you, the drone has a camera capable of 4k 60 fps, 4k 30 fps in HQ mode (similar to HDR), has an almost 1" sensor, and takes amazing photos at 12 megapixels, or can utilize a sort of 48mp mode. The camera can also switch to vertical, making it perfect for reels and YouTube shorts at full quality. The drone has obstacle avoidance for the front and back, however lacks side sensors. The ability to fly in strong winds would also surprise you given the sub 250g weight of the drone.


-Sub 250g



-True vertical shooting




Buy DJI Mini 3 Pro Here


Best Enthusiast Drone

DJI Mavic 3

The DJI Mavic 3 is likely the most appealing drone to anybody with an interest in amateur or even semi-professional cinematography right now. The camera quality is absolutely amazing achieving up to 4k 120 fps, and even capable of 5.1k resolution. As a drone, the Mavic 3 also achieves major milestones, offering a compact design capable of handling high winds, up to 46 minutes of flight time, active track, and omni directional sensors. The feature packed drone comes at a cost, but it is worth every penny.


-Omnidirectional obstacle avoidance

-Amazing camera quality

-Handles high wind conditions well

-Compact design great for travel

-Currently has the best automated features

-Adjustable aperture



Buy Mavic 3 Here


Best Mid Tier Drone

DJI Air 2S

At the middle of the line DJI has the Air 2S. It has more features than the Mini 3 Pro, but comes at a cost of weight, and a slightly larger price. The Air 2S is no longer a micro drone. The camera quality is somewhere in the middle of the Mini 3 Pro and the Mavic 3. It is rated for 31 minutes max flight time, compared to Mini 3 Pro 34 minutes, and the Mavic 3 at 46 minutes. The camera is capable of 5.4k video, and produces amazing quality videos and photos. People are generally torn between the Mini 3 Pro and the Air 2S, as they are fairly close in price, Air 2S being slightly higher, but the Mini 3 Pro has less restrictions, and is smaller for travel. Really it is up to the consumer to decide what matters most to them. Since the Mavic 3 is such a jump in price as compared to the Air2s, the two shouldn't be considered direct competitors, however you are getting a premium quality if you take that jump. For most people their drone piloting, photography, and videography abilities will never actually exceed the Air 2S.


-Price is reasonable

-Superb Camera quality

-High wind capability

-Focustrack automated features



Buy Air2S here


Cheapest Beginner Drone

DJI Mini 2

Though the Mini 3 Pro is an extremely new and popular drone, the Mini 2 still has its place. As a beginner drone, it is an excellent way to get into the hobby, and given the price, it still packs many features that may surprise you. The biggest alure to the Mini 2 is the price, it is also on sale quite often, and there is a used market for those who have upgraded. The camera is capable of 4k, and there are plenty of accessories for the drone, at a much cheaper price compared to the more expensive drones.




-Good for beginners

-Accessories and batters are cheap

-Micro drones have less rules in most regions



Buy Mini 2 here


Some sample photos I took with my Mini 3 Pro

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